Experiencing Salvation
Saved for Now and Eternity

Could there be something God could not do?
Yes! there is.
     Follow this Interactive Link! to see what God
     cannot do

Can you be 100% sure of going to Heaven?
There is proof (fact, evidence)
* Sure you have it?
* Sure you'll never lose it?
See these Interactive slides to be 100% sure of 
going to Heaven!

Who gets to go to Heaven?
This may be surprising!
Click Here! to see if you are going to Heaven

Do you have an objection to Salvation?
The following are the Top 10
* I believe I am already a good person
* I believe I have done more good than bad
* I have never murdered or raped anyone
* I am not going to decide right now
* A loving God would never send me to hell
* I do not believe in hell or the lake of fire
* We are all the children of God
* I have already done that and it didn't work
* Doesn't God already know where I am going
* I doubt that Jesus is the only way to Heaven
Click Here! read about objections to being saved

Touching Testimonies
From people who have received the proof.
* Some recently at Fairs & Festivals
* Some for many years
* Some tell of how the Lord used them
   for more specialized work
Click Here! and then click on "2." to read their short, concise stories.

Once Saved, will I always be Saved?
Is this possible?
* What if I lose it?
* What if I sin again?
* What if I stray away?
* What if I can't maintain?
* What if I see things differently later?
Click Here! to see interactive slides about
eternal security

What is fellowship?

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